B1: I will find some bling by scavenging on the ship that’s on the horizon.
B2: I will persuade Porcius to give the Cpt. A romantic bouquet.
B3: I will merely maim Horus with the help of Clod when I find his illicit contraband
B4: I will make a cupcake for the little pauper girl.

I1. Ask first then smash.
I2. I always have javelins in battle.
I3. When someone recognizes me, I am open to: appraisal, persuasion, command,


B1. I will not be persuaded into having a relationship with anyone in my crew.
B2. I will find a reason to transfer Porcius to the other vessel.
B3. I will keep my crew safe by stealing uniforms.

I1. I never leave my cabin without my pistols loaded.
I2. I keep my grandfathers fob watch on me at all times.
I3. I hesitate when I see someone who looks like my lost love.


B1. I will rescue Sir Jouls, knight terra, from the hold of the ship.
B2. I will brutally murder anyone who has taken pleasure from slaves on the enemy vessel.
B3. Obtain vital info to the Dianic League and deliver it.

I1. I serve my lords daughter before my lord but can never allow myself to love her.
I2. I will never show mercy or surrender in battle
I3. I am a berserker, I start combat in aggro stance.


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